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On January 5th 2012 at Gésu Theater in Montreal, I was attending Gen-La Dekyong’s public speaking on ‘Modern Buddhism’, book written by our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang, Gyatso. I had all the good intentions on taking notes but all I could do was listen to her, my mind fully alert, understanding fully the message she was delivering to us. Such a gift and such generosity on behalf of Geshe-La for sending us Gen-La Dekyong to become our National Spiritual Director in Canada. We are also very fortunate to have Gen-La perform Buddha Shakyamuni’s Empowerment tomorrow. What a GREAT way to start off the year.

FYI, I was appointed as the main photographer for the event. I took about 50 pictures. I chose these 4 to showcase.

Yours truly,

PA ;)

I rejoice for you!  Have a blissful empowerment!

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